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Credit cards are for your convenience, so it is very sensible to utilize them within your limits. But the people utilize it into profligacy, if you handle it appropriately, it could be your greatest money lender.

FAQs on credit card

  • How many types of cards can I choose in India?
    In India there are three types of cards accessible, which are Visa, Master card and Amex (American Express).
  • What is gold, silver or classic/executive card?
    Gold, silver or Classic/executive are the circumstances used by issuing bank differentiate between the levels of services presented on each.
  • What is the process for owning a Credit card?
    Get in handle with the card issuing bank. Ask for the application form. Fill up the forms and submit it along with the essential documents. After a small credit evaluation, the bank will drive you your card by mail.
  • What are the minimum salary criteria?
    A minimum salary criterion differs on the type of card you are applying for. You require a salary of at least Rs.70 to Rs.75,000 per annum for the normal cards and for a gold card, up to 1 lack 80,000 per annum.
  • What is a global card?
    Global card enables you to utilize your Credit card when you voyage abroad. Global cards are conventional in over 200 countries. You can also use it as an ATM card. It also gives you the suppleness of using your card instead of using cash or traveler’s checks.
  • What is PIN?
    Pin or the Personal Identification Number is exclusive to each card and is a mixture of numbers. It is essentially a 16 digit number with the first 8 digits reserving in sequence about the card issuer and the country and the next 8 digits stores client information like the grouping of the membership etc.
  • What happens if I lose my PIN?
    If you lose the PIN acquire in contact with the bank ASAP. The bank will replace your credit card and issue a new PIN.
  • How should I protect my credit card from abuse?
    Never delight your card hastily and always maintain it securely in your wallet/purse. Never leave your cards unsigned or disclose your card number. Make sure your name on the card, note down the card number and mark below the attractive strip.
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